June 25, 2024

Vastcom and Z-ONE have reached a strategic partnership to jointly promote China cybersecurity technology

On Jun 24 2024, Vastcom and Z-ONE Global reached a strategic agreement to jointly promote emerging cybersecurity technologies in China, focusing on their application and implementation in the Hong Kong and Macau regions as well as Southeast Asia.

With the development of cybersecurity technology in China over the years, the overall market size for cybersecurity in the country has exceeded 15 billion USD. This growth has fostered the emergence of over 1,000 vendors offering more than 160 different types of products. China’s leading tech companies are expanding beyond domestic borders to the global market, providing cybersecurity products and services to users worldwide. This global outreach aims to combat cyber threats and protect the security of the digital ecosystem.

Z-ONE is the first market research and accelerator institution focused on the cybersecurity industry in Mainland China. Z-ONE offers early-stage startup investment and financing, business strategy consulting, industry research and domestic and foreign competitive product analysis, business acceleration services, and more. In addition, Z-ONE provides consulting and services for strategic mergers and acquisitions of security enterprises, international business exploration, post-investment management and services, and expansion into other security industries.

Established in 2010, Vastcom Technology Limited is a dynamic and customer-centric IT company committed to innovation and excellence. Our presence extends across Macau, Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Singapore. We take pride in holding the IS027001 certification, ensuring the highest security standards for our IT Help Desk Services. Furthermore, our dedication to innovation has been recognized by the Macau SAR Government, awarding us the prestigious Technology Enterprise Certification, a distinction granted to only 15 entities in 2023.

In the future, Vastcom and Z-ONE will collaborate closely to promote China’s cybersecurity technology capabilities in the Hong Kong and Macao regions as well as Southeast Asia. We will share these technologies with local partners and customers, injecting more diversity into the local ecosystem, and fostering prosperity and health for mutual growth.